Velpe Development


We are closely involved in the software development and enhancements of solutions for the Fresh Produce sector, forresting, ERP, logistics and inventory.

We work with open standard industry solutions for both GUI applications as for rich web applications. We made on-line links to applications such as SAP,... for real-time data exchange and data registrations. : Flexible to business.


Software Projects

  1. -Software Development

  2. -Rich Web Applications

  3. -Networking & e-Security

  4. -AGF / Fresh Produce Advisor

  5. -Management Services, Consultancy, Trainings and Buddying ,TEAM Directing & Coaching

Services Business

  1. -We support third party solutions to business customers and partner companies.

  2. -During our 20 years in the business, we have a strong connection to the Fresh Produce (AGF) sector. We are offering our accumulated knowledge to assist your company and embed affordable solutions as an AGF-advisor

  3. -We have a partnership to some service oriented companies where we act as a coach to a TEAM of independent freelance consultants and as a representative for their portfolio. : Recruitment: The search for new business partners. Services: Portfolio overview

Contact information:

Velpe Development bvba Wouterveld 60
3850 Kozen (Belgium)


+32 495 6O3O56


Coaching & Buddying

  1. -Technical software development buddy & coach

  2. -Presentations / Lectures

  3. -Advisor in the Fresh Produce (AGF)